Property in 2017. What to do?
2016...Brexit... Trump...Inflation..Interest rates...
What a year was 2016!
All your favourite celebs leaving us - as if to some more interesting party..
Who'd have predicted Brexit and Trump?!
How to plan your next property move amidst all this uncertainty?
One fact remains - everyone needs a home- and uncertain times make somewhere secure and comfortable to retreat to even more necessary. Investment-wise too, property has historically always survived every crisis in the long term.
For the moment at least we are seeing growth in the economy, stable low interest rates with good fixed rates available.
For landlords, the government is bringing in more tests for potential tenants and changing the structure of income tax allowances.
This is challenging but a good time to get all your ducks in a row and hunker down for a more uncertain time.
Landlords - do those bits of maintenance you  have been putting off; that bit of modernization, that re- decoration. Should the market take a downturn you want to be already one of the most appealing.  Attract good stable tenants who will want to stay because of the care you have taken.  A good agent can talk you through all these changes and requirements face to face. 
Tenants need to make sure they can tick the "right to rent " boxes - sufficient ID and back-up paperwork. Also, check your credit ratings - in a competitive market you need to be able to move when the right property comes up.
February is a great month, while we are waiting for it to stop raining, get that paperwork and bit of maintenance done.
Let's face 2017 optimistically - and prepared!
09/02/17 By Louise Brice
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